Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog 6

The Network Student

First of all I just want to say that it is amazing the different possibilities for learning that are now offered because of the internet. I was always told that networking was the one thing that was a must do in college. We meed to make connections for the future, besides you never know who will be your employer some day. These are so many different ways that you can do just that only on a larger scale. It gives you opportunities that have not even been seen yet. Although, I will say this teachers are a must keep in this world even though it seems that students do not always need them. Just think about it what happens when a student is on their own. I know a lot of students do not have the motivation without someone there to give them a push in the right direction. Then there are those of us who get confused, we do not want to do the wrong thing because we did not know the right way. Yes technology is awesome and helpful at times but you need the people in your life to help you with the stuff you do not understand and that, my dear, is where teachers come into play. 

Personal Learning Environment

This is so cool! It makes me want to go make one. It is like a planner on the computer. I personally need help getting organized and I believe this would be a big help seeing that all of my stuff would be right there at the click of a mouse. It is defiantly a new way of learning and a great way to network and connect!

The Machine is Changing Us

To begin with I did not want to watch this video. It was long and I was just being lazy. I watched it and I honestly enjoyed myself. Listening to him and what he had to say was not that bad and I apologize. What I got from this is that technology has a middle area it is not like right or wrong. It is kinda like telling a woman that she does not look fat in a dress even if she does a little. It is not all bad it at least had good intentions. Technology does have it's good and bad points but it is that middle area that shows that it has potential. There are good reasons to have it even though there are bad points to it also. I loved the video! 


  1. We all make mistakes, all of the time. And my learning community is not hesitant to help me. But many students enter a college class having been well trained that they should not be wrong. How ridiculous. The issue is can you make it right? Remember our motto? "I don't know. Let's find out." And let's is plural.

    How do you motivate students?

    How do you motivate students who have no interest in being motivated? At least not by what you are offering them. About 20% of the students in this class are not motivated. Any suggestions? I have already marked some of them as "See you next semester." Maybe I will be wrong. I do not think so, however. If you do have some suggestions, please let me know!

    You should have started your PLN already. A report on your progress is due 10/10.

  2. Maybe you could intertwine the lessons with some things that are not about teaching. I am not saying get rid of the teaching stuff that is why we are here, but at times throw stuff in about talking about pop culture, sports, and things that are a little different. We as students learn about being a teacher all day long and it is nice to have a little change in topic sometimes. Me for instance, I love art, I wanted to be a art history major and become the curator for a museum. I could not do that because I did not want to leave this area and there are not many jobs for that field down here. I still appreciate it though. To be able to blog on something that is interesting to the individual is what you need to throw in at times, like an extra assignment. People enjoy talking about things they are interested in and they could use the computer at the same time. Maybe an informational slide show on a topic of the students choice, this way they want to do it so they will not be bummed about doing the research or making the show. They will still be learning how to use the tools, but they will be doing something they enjoy with it. It is just a suggestion. Thanks for asking my opinion!