Sunday, October 31, 2010

Additional Assignment 3

What do you think is the most important thing Sir Ken Robinson says in this presentation?
         It is telling us how education has become and still becoming. We are not taught to really problem solve or to think there may just be more than one way to skin a cat. All we are taught are the basics. It kind of makes me look at it as he put it a factory, or maybe we are a heard of sheep, sheep are dumb you know. I kind of feel like kids are just being directed by the teacher, Shepard, down this narrow tunnel of schooling. So we go from this big open field to this small little fenced in piece of grass.  

How congruent are Sir Ken Robinson's positions with those which you are being taught in the College of Education. In other words, where is there agreement? Where is there disagreement?
          I am not far into my teacher courses but it seems to be headed that way. So yes I agree.

What do you think of the presentation? If you had to do a presentation with others like this, what role on your team would you like most to play?
It comes down to these to I tend to be a creative person. it is actually how I take notes most of the time. If I can doodle out what they are saying it seems to make more sense to me later than to sit and read notes over and over again. If I draw it I can see it in my head.

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