Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog 7

This was truly an entertaining video. I did not get to finish it, because half way though it would say "Google chrome not working" or it would just shut off, I have watched up to 45 minutes of it about three times. Any way, it was fun to watch and he was fun to listen to. He talked about his childhood dreams and how he has achieved them, or not, and how he got there. He talked about all the trials he went though to get there. The one thing that I totally agree with is when he said, " brick walls are there to keep the people out who do not want it bad enough". This is true there might be things in your way trying to keep you out and it might seem that it will never work, but in all honesty those things are there to divide out the people who do not want it. This way they get the people who care enough to work for the best outcome. He is telling of all of the great things that he has accomplished in his life and how technology was a huge part in his career. Especially seeing that he was a Disney Imaginer. He used it everyday and he really did love it. He loved making technology fun for him and his students. It really was an awesome video and I am sad I could not watch it all the way though.I hope you all enjoyed it also!

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