Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Additional Assignment 2

"If  children have interest education happens."  I really do agree with this statement. If anyone has an interest in something it is simply natural for them to want to learn about it. It is the curiosity of human nature, this occurs at all ages, especially childhood. Children use all types of things to teach themselves about what they want to know books, computers, etc. If a child does not have any previous knowledge about computers and want to learn about them they are able to teach themselves. As with everything else it is trial and either failing or succeeding is how they are capable of teaching themselves how to use it. Once they learn to use these things it is easier for the child to learn other thing, such as, language, how to do things, or about things. The biggest part of this learning is motivation, one has to have motivation to do anything if there is no motivation there is a good chance that a lot of things today would not exist. One is motivated by personal interest or by other people. If people do not want to learn it, I hate to say it, but they will not learn it. People have to be open for things if anything is going to happen. Everyone teaches themselves by experience, trial and error, it is the most common way to learn something. The question is how are we as teachers going to take that extra step and make it to where the child wants to learn. It is not the teacher forcing the student to learn it is simply the child wants to learn it from interest, it is something they want to learn so therefor they will. The question still remains, which is the best way to encourage certain interest?

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  1. Hello Neileigh! I enjoyed reading your post. I love the quote that you took from the video. "If children have interest, education happens." This is so very true. If children don't have an interest in what they are being taught then they will not comprehend it. That is a very good point.