Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mr. McClung

             "An important decisions I made this year: stay positive." This is the opening of his blog and I can not tell you how important that choice is. Like my mom always told me if you go into something with a good attitude and the thought that no matter what this will be greatness, it will be. Although same goes for the opposite of that if you go into something with a negative attitude then nothing you do will go right. "Why does the toast always seem to fall butter side down?" So as teachers we not only affect us but will affect many other people as well so it is a good idea to but a big smile on and see everything in a happy way. 
He talks about "Reading the Crowd" this is important also. Let me just say as a teacher if you do not teach the kids your just wasting air. The students are the reason you are there not the supervisors so please do everyone a favor and do your job of teaching. If you teach it and the students are learning it is going to be hard for the supervisors to find something wrong.
            "Be Flexible" the things you do may not always go as perfect as you wish but do not let it get you down. This ties into stay positive. Do not give up be flexible change that messed up project into something you can use. Even if it is to show the kids what not to do. If you stay positive nothing can go to bad.
Communication, communication this is what life is made of not all life but I would say a good bit of it. We communicate on a daily basis and still there are people who have trouble with it. No, it is not always easy but it is necessary and it really helps in the long run. No one should have to keep all their worries and strives to themselves sometimes it is best to just let it out. Communication is "muy importante".
            "Do not be afraid of technology" this is a good one too. The world is going to progress and no one likes to be left in the dust. It is becoming a bigger and bigger part of school and we as teachers need to be on top of this so that not only us but our students will not fall behind in this world of technology. As he said, "jump in head first, the water is fine."
            Be reasonable with your students and your goals for them. It is important to have faith in your students and to believe that they will achieve great things, but if they do not reach those achievements do not be disappointed. Not everyone is going to be president or land on the moon. It is their lives let them set their own goals and go where they want to go. We are here for support and to give them the foundation to do whatever they want to do.
            Never stop learning is the last point he makes. As we were talking earlier the world will progress and we do not need to get behind for the sake of our students. We need to become life long learners and to be open to new things. The closed minded never got anywhere. 

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  1. Neileigh,

    A saying I have heard is "If your's is I can or I can't, then you are right." My soccer coach use to tell my soccer team this. He told us that no matter what our attitude is, our performance will reflect it. I definitely think this plays into teaching. If we believe our students will succeed then they will most likely succeed because we, the teachers, will be trying harder. I think all of Mr. McClung's tips are extremely helpful and definitely beneficial to all teachers. Even though the majority of what he said is common sense, many teachers forget these simple things. I hope to always remember what Mr. McClung has reflected!