Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog 8

This is How We Dream
          This is quite the statement. "This is how we dream" I know that I have daydreamed through many, many classes, but I do not think that I would have ever dreamed about the things we have now. The luxuries technology allows us is remarkable and it amazes me that we have them.
We are now capable of all types of things because of the technology we have and because of the people who dreamed and made true. As he pointed out we no longer have to even go to the library to research a certain subject. We no longer have to copy what is in a book. All we have to is go to the internet and click then we have what we need to have all the information of what we are researching.
We are now also capable of talking instantly to anyone. It does not matter how far away we are. I am now capable of talking to someone in the next house all the way to someone in another country. I now have friends in Germany because someone had the idea to make it happen. It is truly amazing what we can think up when we dream. 

Smart Boards
 Smart boards are just really high tech chalkboards. They are expensive and at times not worth it. It is still taught by the same teacher and if the teacher can not teach then the smart board is not going to help her any at all.  It is still the same amount of work on the teacher if not more and a good many time the software does not work. What do you do then? You have 20+ children sitting there with nothing to do just because something did not work because they are not always reliable. Sometimes it is good to just get down to the basics.

EDM 310

Ok, this is so totally how I feel sometimes in this class, it just gets over whelming. Anyway watching these videos have just cracked me up, it is kind of like "oh so they do know how we feel". This class has stressed me out several times this semester, but I am going to say I am thankful for it anyway. My mom is a kindergarten teacher and she went out of town for a day or two and had to get a sub. She asked me to help her get everything set up so I did and it came time for her to go and she was not done with some of her Smart Board lessons. So I took over and did the lessons for her and got everything ready. Well the next day I get a call and it is not the sub but the other two teachers that work next to her. Comes to find out that mom takes care of all the technological stuff in kindergarten and they did not have the lesson and they did not know how to get it from one computer to another. So I had to go up to school and move everything around for them. At that time I realized why we have to have this class. It is because no matter if we want to progress or not the world is going to progress. We as teachers need to progress with it so that whenever things like this come along there is not only one person able to fix it. This class is stressful and irritating sometimes, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is well worth it.


  1. Wow, what a great example of how this class is needed! I will let Dr. Strange know that he needs to read this post and see what you have discovered.

    Great post Neileigh,

    Keep up the good work!

    Stephen Akins

  2. Thank you VERY much!

    What a great story!

  3. WOW! I got my friend! Anyway, to what I am supposed to be posting about: Great job on your post. It actually kept my attention! About dreaming: yes it is crazy that we have all of this technology now. Sometimes I am very thankful and others its like "ugh! your gonna do this to me again!" But overall technnology is hlepful. Smartboard: I think the Smartboards are interesting and a giant almost indestructable computer screen! But, I highly agree with you that getting down to the basics and just having simple fun with the kids and interacting with them personally is always a good thing. They need to know their teacher as a person also, not just as someone who makes them do work all the time and occassionally lets them play on the giant computer. About this class: Yes, I thought I was seriously gonna cry everyday because everything was EXTREMELY overwhelming! It is better now though. Although I won't use everything from this class I will probably use what I have learned from blog posts. And at least we know how to do all this stuff now. See ya later girl!