Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog 2

Digital Smarts
I truly think that it is amazing that children are given this opportunity. I come from a 2A school about 800 kids k-12. We did not have as much learning in that area and it surprises me that kids actually get to so things with technology. I also think that it is pretty awesome that people go around the country working on things like this so that the kids learn what they need to know to succeed in the future.
Killing Creativity
I really enjoyed this one. He was funny and right schools have seriously fallen apart when it comes to the arts. Schools are so into trying to prepare children for college for the main things in life that some person decided was important, children are missing a great way to express them selves. I know me for one person is the person who has to be doodling to pay any attention at all in class. If I am not drawing then I am asleep and that is just how I think best. It is really sad to know that arts both preforming and visual are falling out of many schools, because children really do love it and they do learn many things from it. I feel that everyone should be able to be at the least introduced to the arts so they know if that is how they would like to express themselves.
Mr. Winkle Wakes
Poor Mr. Winkle wakes up for the first time after 100 years. He wakes up to machines being used in every day life and he is not use to it and it makes him feel sick. He wonders into the school and sees that things are the way he remembered it so long ago. It makes him happy that nothing has changed. It is a good thing that it has not changed in the fact that the children know how to live without it. I also think that it is necessary to learn at least the basics of of computers because it is what is used in everyday life without the knowledge of technology it will be difficult to get a job. So there are positive things about being more advanced and also negative.
Did You Know???
This is really a mind blowing piece of information. I can honestly say that I did not realize what all was going on by technology. The fact that in a few years we will have a computer that is capable of more intelligence then the individuals that created it, is I must say a little scary. The fact that we have students learning about things for jobs that haven't even been invented yet is shocking also.
This whole idea of improvement this fast can be both a good and bad thing. It will be good in the fact that it will be easier to get information and to communicate. It can also be a bad thing seeing that people will forget how to live without it. Technology is not always reliable so people need to realize progress is good, but they have to not forget the basics.


  1. With you being in a small school, do you think you were at a complete disadvantage than others, with not having access to technology? How do you think it would have helped you had you had the opportunities that some of the students we have read/watched?

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