Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog 3

Students Today

I really do think that this video captures the life as a college kid. Of course with this class I seem to be spending a lot more time on the internet, but it is OK I am learning a lot by doing so. Students today have to be able to multi-task to be able to get by day by day. We have so much to do during the day with school, homework, work, sleeping, eating and cleaning plus a social life it is just unbelievable. Technology might be able to help but then again it might not. I personaly think that either way a students life is going to be busy. There is not much to do about it it is just the way it is.

It's not about the Technology

I love this post! It really is true that a teacher can be given all the tools to teach but the child may just not get it so the teacher should not complain but find a different route. All children are capable of learning! This means, as Ms. Hines says,"teachers must be learners". They have to learn a way to get the children to understand the subject. Even if it means having to go to a class to find it or take a little time out of the day to do a little research. All of the resources given to us are not going to help unless the teacher knows how to teach with them. Teachers must strive to do whatever possible for children to learn, with or without technology.

Is it okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher?

I do agree that all teachers need to be technologically literate to teach. Teachers need to know it so that they can teach the children in their class how to use it. Children who are in school today are going to be doing jobs that are using technology that has not even been invented yet and how are they suppose to keep up if they do not learn it from their teachers. They will not be able to succeed in life if they do not know at least the basic of technology. It is up to the teachers to teach what the student will need.Teachers also need to know it for themselves because whether they like it or not technology plays a big part in schools and will be playing an even bigger part as we progress into the future. Teachers need to ready themselves so they are not left behind and eventually let go from their jobs because they were not able to learn the new material that is necessary for their jobs.

Social Media

Oh my goodness! That is amazing how much technology is used every second of the day. Seeing everything from the amount of money all the way to the number of pictures put on is just crazy. It shows just how much that the internet has become a huge part of peoples everyday life. This is the reason we need to learn about this type of technology because all those numbers will do is grow.


  1. Neileigh,
    I am glad to see your blog post for assignment number three because I think that we are on the same page with the videos. I loved them too and I think the information keeps shocking me every time I watch one. I especially liked your comment on the assignment of teachers being technologically illiterate. I also feel like this is not okay and that teachers must stay up to date with their knowledge on technology. I can’t wait to see more of your post-keep up the good work!

  2. I believe your first video response is thoughtful, but not really on target with what I got from it. Do you think the video is actually just trying to point out how busy our society has become or is there a deeper meaning? Galliard Broughton had some interesting thoughts on the topic that you might be interested in checking out. Be sure to also look at the comments because the questions within them pertain to you as well!