Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Don't teach your kids this!
I can not say I completely disagree with his point of view. I do think that technology is an asset to education but I also believe that it is always not the best thing to have.  What I am saying is that we are capable of teaching without it and they are capable of learning without it. Although it gives children a different point of view. I think that it is a good thing that there are different teaching styles out there and all teachers are not technical gurus. This gives the children the types of learning they need from technology and also gives children the chance to know how to deal without it just in case something happens and they can not use the technology. If you know what I mean. Students need to be experienced in all subjects of life.
This is actually a really good idea. It will give schools a chance to save and children a chance to learn a different way. The only thing that was not explained is if the children would have to actually go to school. With everything at had there would be no need to go. Although if there was no going to school it would be more difficult for the children to get the social aspect of school. Socializing is very important and without the experience that children get in school they will not know what to do. Also what grade would this start in? You can not really expect a kindergarten to know how to work an iTouch. It would all be good as long as the children still had to go to school. Because school is learning the basics and there is more to learn than just what you can learn over a computer.
Lost Generation
We are the Lost Generation. It really does seem this way at times especially with the world as it is. But there are people who are not this way there are those of us who care about the world and family. There are people who really believe that this world is good and is capable of change. I really was impressed about how this was presented to begin with i was shocked that there were people who would actually think that. Then it was really neat how the world were read from bottom to top and it showed the hope that we bring and that we are not the Lost Generation in the least.
Virtual Choir
That is seriously cool stuff right there. It is so cool how all these people who have never met and probably never will meet can make this beautiful arrangement of voices. If this is what technology can bring then it is hard to see where it is bad. It enabled them to make this beautiful song and I am impressed. I also really liked the visual and being able to see all who were singing. It was amazing. 

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  1. Great post Neileigh!

    I think there is some misunderstanding of technology. The new things coming out today are no different that paper and ink when they came out. These are simply new tools. Things will continue to evolve and these tools will be old before you know it and new tools will be produced. I think this is part of the point Dr. McLeod is making. Why would we not be using the best we have to offer at the time? SS