Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Post 13

Alabama Learning Exchange
          Alex is really a great way for teachers to find things. It is basically an awesome search engine made by teachers and used by teachers. I guess if you were not a teacher you could still use it, but I do not really see the point. I am not saying there is not, but.. Anyway, it has everything from a search section all the way to lesson plans for any subject you could possibly think of. Think about it, one night you do your lesson plans for the next week then you go to bed. The next morning they are due, but where could they be? Did the dog get it? Maybe the kids wanted to play paper football. Could they have grown legs and walked out the door? Who know? All you know is that they are due first thing in the morning and you do not have it. Freaking out, you quick find some more paper to write something up on, but wait there is no time. You think back to the EDM class you took and your like, "What was that awesome web site? Oh yeah!!! ALEX." So you go to the computer and once again ALEX saves the day. This might not actually happen, but we are suppose to have fun with our blog post so there it is. It really offers many things for teachers and is well worth going and checking out.
Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide
         ACCESS is also a great site to visit, but this is for everyone and anyone. Who wants to that is. It is really a good way to get connected to other people and schools in our state. And what do they teach us in college? Network, network, network. This is exactly what is great about ACCESS. You can make connections you will need in the work force all over the state. It is also good for students this way they can share their thoughts on things, they offer online classes, and much more. Go visit it.

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