Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Post 12

The technology is all around use and used in all different way for teaching and in learning.  We use everything from the internet to smartboards.  We also use television in a big way to help children learn earlier in life.  Find two or three children's shows that come on television and explain how the show helps the children learn.
        There are very many ways to teach children through the television. Some of my favorite shows to use in my classroom of two year olds is: Dora the Explorer and Barney. These are two excellent shows to use and are worth showing.  Dora uses repetition to teach children a different language a language that is becoming more and more dominant in America.  So that is a very good reason to learn the language and for someone to teach it to there children.
        Barney is also a great show for children to watch. It teaches children morals and it teaches the children their basics so that they are capable of getting ready for school.  It goes over colors, ABC's, counting, everything just about. So I really think that it is worth it also.
       There are a lot more shows like this doing some of the same things and also many different things.  I really recommend for the children to be able to watch them and learn from them so that they are ready when they get the age to go to school.


  1. In interesting idea for a project.


  2. Television is a interesting way to go. I have a three year old brother but I won't let my personal opinions and experiences of a thousand Dora shows get in the way. There are several educational television shows. My personal favorite was Wishbone. He may be more for 5 year olds and older but still a great show. I swear that dog is why I am an English major.