Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog 11

Mrs. Cassidy seems to have done a great job in teaching her students about the wonders of technology. I am really happy that technology is now being introduced so early in education now. As she said, technology is going to happen anyway so we do not need to get behind or let our students get behind. I am really impressed that first graders are capable of such things. I think she is right about the blogs also. It is much more fun for children to know that many people are reading their work. It is more fun for them because more people see it and therefore more praise which is great motivation. It is really impressive the great ways that she has brought technology into the classroom and has informed the students about what opportunities are out there for them. In my opinion she seems to be an excellent teacher and those children are lucky to have her.


  1. Neileigh,

    Based on your comments, how can we make education more relevant to our students using technology? Think about what you have learned in this course and how you can apply it to your future classes.

  2. Hey Neileigh,
    I thought that allowing the students to access computers and play on the internet in class was a great motivation for the students to want to learn and want to come to class. I know i would love going to class if we went there to play on blogs and search the internet. It seems to me it would just make it more interesting instead of the same old boring day of school.